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The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Monday 18 July 2022 at 7pm Westbury Parish Hall. 

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Forest of Dean District Council

As part of its work to consider what land may be available for development, the Council are looking for suggestions in the form of sites that landowners consider may have potential for development.  Sites that also have the support of Town and Parish councils are welcome and we are writing to ensure that your Council has the opportunity to suggest land for development under this process.  It is important that any site proposed has the support of the landowner(s) and it is also important to stress that this exercise is one that is intended to provide sites that may have potential to be included in the new Local Plan.  Sites that may have potential and are suggested will be considered along with others when the Local Plan itself is compiled.

The Forest of Dean District Council is now calling for sites within the district that could potentially accommodate future housing and employment as part of the SHELAA annual review. We are keen to invite all Parish Councils to take part in this exercise so that they too can make the Council aware of any sites that they consider suitable to be assessed as part of the SHELAA.

If you wish to put forward any potential housing or employment sites please complete a SHELAA form detailing each site. The forms can be downloaded from the Forest of Dean District website https://www.fdean.gov.uk/shlaa and should be returned along with a site plan to localplans@fdean.gov.uk by 31 March 2022.

Submissions received after the deadline, will be assessed as part of the SHELAA update in 2023. If you have previously submitted a site(s) you will not be required to re-submit, unless you wish to make changes to the site or remove it from the study, as past sites will be carried forward.  All sites submitted will be retained as part of a long-term database of potential housing and employment sites used to inform the Local Plan. All submissions will be publicly available.

In a parish like Westbury, not being able to drive any longer can make you feel very isolated. Fortunately we have Lydcare and if you need to be driven to an appointment or an event, you can arrange to be taken there by a volunteer driver for 50p per mile. To book your transport – just ring Lydcare on 01594 860334 BUT we only have one volunteer driver in this parish so we badly need more volunteers. If you can drive and can spare an hour or two every so often, please contact Andrew Landon on 01452 760531.”