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The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Monday 19 September 2022 at 7pm Westbury Parish Hall. 

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Forest of Dean District Council
Re:  Forest of Dean District Council – Local Plan 2021-2041, Second Preferred Option Consultation – 1st August to 26th September 2022

As you are aware, the Forest of Dean District Council is preparing a new Local Plan which must look forward to 2041.  It needs to show how the needs of the district will be provided for over the next 20 years and these include how the environment will be protected, how the Plan will help reduce the impacts of climate change and how and where new development will be expected to take place.  It will need to show how the substantial changes expected over that time will be best provided for. 

In 2019 we identified and consulted on a range of issues and options and later in 2020, we consulted on a Preferred Option Strategy. Taking into account feedback received from those events, we have now developed a Second Preferred Option strategy, which would supersede the first. It is, however, still subject to evaluation including possible alternatives, potential sites and policies.  At this stage specific sites are not identified although general areas considered appropriate for development are referred to. 

The formal consultation period for the Second Preferred Option document has now commenced (1st August 2022) and your views are invited on the contents of the document and in particular the questions within it.

The Second Preferred Option document can be viewed at The Council Offices, Coleford, in local libraries and on our website www.fdean.gov.uk

Also attached to this email is an electronic version of the following:

  • The full Second Preferred Option Document
  • A summary of the document
  • A leaflet explaining the planning process and the purpose of the Second Preferred Option consultation

A poster will be sent to you in due course for you to print out and display. If you would like hardcopies of any of the documents, please contact us and we would be happy to provide them for you.

The formal consultation period will end on Monday 26th September 2022, so please ensure that your comments to the Council have been received by then.

The quickest and easiest way to view the consultation and make your representations is online at:


However, you can also send representations by:

Email: localplans@fdean.gov.uk

In writing: Local Plans, Forest of Dean District Council, Council Offices, High Street, Coleford, Gloucestershire. GL16 8HG

Drop-in sessions will also be available for members of the public to attend at the following venues:

Sedbury Village Hall – Tuesday 23rd August 2022, 3pm to 7pm

Newent Memorial Hall – Tuesday 30th August 2022, 3pm to 7pm

Lydney Community Centre – Thursday 25th August 2022, 3pm to 7pm

Lydney Community Centre – Wednesday 7th September 2022, 3pm to 7pm

Coleford District Council Offices – Thursday 8th September 2022, 3pm to 7pm

In a parish like Westbury, not being able to drive any longer can make you feel very isolated. Fortunately we have Lydcare and if you need to be driven to an appointment or an event, you can arrange to be taken there by a volunteer driver for 50p per mile. To book your transport – just ring Lydcare on 01594 860334 BUT we only have one volunteer driver in this parish so we badly need more volunteers. If you can drive and can spare an hour or two every so often, please contact Andrew Landon on 01452 760531.”