The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the Parish Hall on Monday, 21 June commencing at 7pm.

The following statement was published on the Churcham facebook noticeboard on 30 September:
Churcham Parish Council Alert
Dear All, Last night the Cabinet of the Forest of Dean District Council approved a new settlement as the preferred option for the housing plan for the district. This preferred option is to site 4000 houses between the A40 and A48 in the parish of Churcham. The extent of this development if approved will cover an area of 470 acres. The parish council have not been consulted on the strategy and are against a development of this size in the parish. indeed it will change our rural community into a urban one. Also the traffic this development will generate will be disabling for the parish and cause major problems on our road network. We have no details or been consulted over this, we don’t know where it is being sited or what landowners are being affected. Forest of Dean have a further meeting on the 15th October 2020 to put forward the strategy to the planning committee, if approved there will be an 8 week consultation period where the parish council and parish can then express our views. It seems perverse that a strategy to site a development of this size in our community is being taken and us the residents only have a chance to comment after the strategy is decided!!! I wanted to advise people this was happening and please spread the word.
Many thanks
John Francis
(Chairman Churcham Parish Council)

Thank you to all that attended the public meeting on 17 February

A proposal for a new 5,000 home ‘eco village’ with railway station planned for farmland at Westbury-on-Severn has been submitted to the Forest of Dean District Council (FODDC)
Present at the meeting will be Nigel Gibbons from the FODDC who will be able to outline the process of the Local Plan review, talk about the various issues and how the decisions are likely to be made about its content.

In a parish like Westbury, not being able to drive any longer can make you feel very isolated. Fortunately we have Lydcare and if you need to be driven to an appointment or an event, you can arrange to be taken there by a volunteer driver for 50p per mile. To book your transport – just ring Lydcare on 01594 860334 BUT we only have one volunteer driver in this parish so we badly need more volunteers. If you can drive and can spare an hour or two every so often, please contact Andrew Landon on 01452 760531.”