Burial Ground Fees


Interment Fees:  
Still No Charge
18 Years or Under No Charge
18 Years or Over £200
Cremated Remains £100

Exclusive Right:
Burial Plot 9’ x 4’ £240
Cremated Remains – Garden of Remembrance 2’ x 1’ £140

Headstone 2’10”in overall height fixed to a pre-case base either 3’ x 1.6” or 3’ x 1’4” £100
Stone Tablet (Garden of Remembrance) 15” x 9” £85
Vase £55
Additional Inscription £35

Walled Graves:
Construction of a walled grave or vault in designated areas including exclusive right of burial for two grave spaces £700
Interment in a walled grave or vault £4f50

  1.  A Parishioner who has resided outside the Parish for a period of 12 months or more will lose parishioner status. This does not apply to persons who have been resident in the Parish for at least 5 years and have moved to a residential nursing home outside the parish for a period less than two year prior to death.
  2.  For deceased non-parishioners charges will be 3 times the above rates.
  3.  Fees do not include the digging of the grave.
  4.  Any excess soil excavated from graves is to be removed from the Cemetery unless otherwise directed by the Parish Council.